Richard Simmons’ “Deal Your Way To Health” (Deal-A-Meal Instructional Video)

Deal-a-Meal has come a long way since the days of hand-cut cards from construction paper! This is the Deal-A-Meal of the ‘9Os… complete with everything you need-right at your fingertips-to help you learn about proper nutrition and healthy eating. Forget about all those times you tried to lose weight in the past and couldn’t do it. I’ll guide you step-by-step through this newly revised Deal-A-Meal program with clear, easy-to-follow graphics-there’s no guesswork involved. It’s like having a nutritional classroom right in your living room. We’ll discuss the six food groups in depth show you real portion sizes (no, a side of beef is not a portion!) help you chart your total percentage of fats and calories per day and give you the breakdowns on those foods you love to eat-from tostadas to sweet-and-sour-pork. You’ll get the newest, most up-to-date information available on healthy weight loss-things no one knew ten years ago. Plus, you’ll get a whole slew of delicious menu ideas that are easy to prepare and a “real-life” maintenance plan that will help you not only take it off, but keep it off-for good. So don’t let one more unhealthy minute pass by. Get out your cards… put this tape into your VCR… and let’s deal your way to health! Love, Richard Simmons


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